Thursday, November 29, 2012

MMF vs MM Erotica

I really enjoy writing MMF erotica. And yet when I took my first jab at an MM story, I had a really difficult time writing it and I know exactly why: there was no woman in the mix. It's odd, in the real world I'd say I'm a 2 on the Kinsey scale. I'm not bisexual but I do find some men sexually attractive. In my writing, which is to say in my sexual fantasies, I can go places that I would never go in real life, however it isn't the idea of being with another man that I find arousing, it's doing so to the delight of a woman who is watching. I suppose this appeals to the voyeuristic side of people as well; a recurring theme in some of my stories.

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Monday, November 26, 2012


Transexuals have always fascinated me. Even before I knew they actually existed, I fantasized about them. Seriously. I remember as a little boy, when all it took to turn me on was to think of a naked women (this was before I understood the mechanics of sex), imagining a beautiful woman with a penis. It was unusual and exciting and, of course, a deep dark secret.

I don't recall when I learned that transexuals were a real phenomenon. Though I do remember watching a documentary on HBO in which the audience is introduced to a couple of lovely naked blond women making out in a hot tub and after a few minutes, they both step out to reveal that they have very impressive looking cocks. These transwomen were interviewed and spoke about how whenever they've dated straight guys one of the things the guys want to do first is to go down on them. They said something to the effect that these men didn't think it made them gay because "it's a girl's dick." I incorporated this logic into my novella "Crossing New Horizons."

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Safe sex in erotica

One of the criticisms I received recently about my work is that my characters don't use condoms. There's a reason behind this: Fantasy sex is ultimately the safest sex. These stories are basically my fantasies and in the fantasy worlds I create, there are no STDs or STIs and no one ever has to worry about getting knocked up if they don't want to be. There's also so much semen consumption one might imagine that my fantasy come tastes like maple syrup but I stop short of making such descriptions. I can appreciate the desire for other authors to want to promote responsible behavior but for my own purposes, I'm not really getting on any soap boxes in this particular genre of writing. I just want to see my characters engaging in consentual activities for their own fun and pleasure and the voyeuristic enjoyment of myself and my readers.

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"Crossing New Horizons" (Review by Lynne L.)

Publisher:  Smashwords, Inc.
Date published: May 19, 2012
ISBN:  781476208428
Reviewed by Lynne L.
Obtained via author.
Rating:  3

Jim and Liz have been together for ten years and have an open relationship.  They enjoy sharing everything with one another, including their most secret fantasies and desires.

In order to spice up their lives a bit, Jim and Liz love to experiment and try new things.  They have an arsenal of sex toys and are not particular in their choice of sex partners.  Jim and Liz often go to the club to find new sexual partners to enjoy erotica with and never seem to have a problem finding someone else to get kinky with.  They could be other women, other men, bisexuals, and even transsexuals.  One in particular, Rachel, is an extremely beautiful ‘tranny’and enjoys being with Jim and Liz, doing things with them.  

Over time, Jim and Liz join forces with a woman named Peggy.  They soon invite Bethany and another friend, Rick, for a romp amid the light fantastic.  Rick has always had a crush on Liz, since they work together, so he jumps at the chance for this erotic encounter with her. 

This fun-loving, erotic group enjoy experimentation to the max and are always up to trying something new and exciting.  Nothing is taboo to them and everything is a titillating adventure.

CROSSING NEW HORIZONS by Stephen Olander is a highly erotic story, with lots of well-written, highly-charged sexual encounters between various characters.

CROSSING NEW HORIZONS is a strongly written story, with short, tight sentences to keep the tension flowing.  It has lots of spice, passion, and sexual encounters that are sure to please those readers who enjoy erotica.

There is a likeable array of interesting characters to keep things charged in CROSSING NEW HORIZONS, and it is clear that Jim and Liz, the main characters, enjoy their decadent lifestyle and open relationship.

There isn’t a whole lot of plot in CROSSING NEW HORIZONS but, considering the genre, I don’t believe it is necessary.   There is a lot of strong language and graphic descriptions of the sexual experiments that occur in this story, but I am certain that many readers will enjoy reading this story, for content alone.  It is a quick read, so if one if looking for something to while away a boring afternoon, then CROSSING NEW HORIZONS should definitely create a spark that will lend some excitement to the day.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.