Monday, November 25, 2013

Her Breasts (Review)

I'm not reviewing anyone's breasts in particular. Rather that's the title of a short story that I just read written by an author who goes by the name of Polecat.

I had never read a BDSM story before and, I have to admit, I was a little hesitant about doing so. But once I got into it, I found a certain level of understanding about the dynamic of BDSM relationships. The key is trust and that was definitely in place between the two characters of the story, a husband and wife.

While I found the actions that were taken somewhat disturbing, knowing that it was all consensual and pleasurable for both parties put my mind at ease, although it didn't make BDSM any more appealing to me.

For those individuals who enjoy such stories, I'm sure it will satisfy. All that's satisfied for me, is my curiosity.

Polecat also has a blog that you can check out.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Submit to the Dark Side (Review)

"What does it take to make her cream, to make her moan and writhe in ecstasy in her office floor? What turns him on to the point that he is willing to step out of his comfort zone to try something he didn't even know he was into? What makes a woman risk the wrath of a jealous wife just to attain satisfaction? Only one thing can drive a person, man or woman, big or small to do things that they ordinarily do: a body-rocking, earth shattering, dripping, wet orgasm.

"Lorraine, Maelee, Tera, Dawna, Cherica, Damian, Chantal, and Markette all find themselves in hot pursuit of their lovers' intimate affection and carnal attention but the only way they can attain such is after letting their inhibitions slip away into vulnerability. In each southern city contained within Submit to The Dark Side we find our cast of characters enthralled in either a new or budding sexual relationships where ultimate submission is what they must each bring to the table to please and be pleased in this collection of off the beaten path short stories and flash scenes."


I had the opportunity recently to read a collection of short stories titled "Submit to the Dark Side: Stories to Explain the Stains: First Tease" by La Drama Princess featuring Devon Diamond and Strawberry Golden.

At first, I didn't know what to expect. But the forward to the book makes it pretty clear that it's a collection of unrelated short stories about submission. A subject that I've only touched on in my own erotic writing.

The stories are to the point in both their common theme of submission as well as the sexual encounters of the characters. I was particularly engaged by the writing of La Drama Princess who describes her writing as "erotic fiction featuring straight and LBGT characters of the African Diaspora."

This caused me to reflect on my own writing where, as I've said in another post, I limit character descriptions to first names and somewhat vague descriptions of body types. I have never considered the ethnicity of my characters beyond maybe describing one or two as "exotic." La Drama Princess painted pictures in my mind of her characters, beautiful men and women of African descent with differing and realistic body types (apart from generous descriptions of the mens' penises, another area that I keep vague in my own writing).

La Drama Princess goes to some dark places with stories of ambiguous consent that get turned around into the "victim" taking charge of the situation for her own pleasure. She explores infidelity, prostitution (although subtly) and experimentation in lesbianism.

All of the writing in this book is descriptive and arousing, that's the point, and includes interesting settings and scenarios for the characters.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Friends Share (Review)

I just finished reading a very hot story called "Friends Share" by Autumn Seave.

As the title suggests, this is a story about four friends sharing a girl and it's written from the girl's point of view. She's in a committed relationship with Sean and they love each other very much to the point of going to extra lengths to fulfill each other's sexual fantasies. Passing reference is made to experiments with domination involving a professional dominatrix and group sex with some girlfriends. But "Friends Share" is all about fulfilling the girl's ultimate fantasy of being with a group of men.

I loved that this story was written by a woman who's committed to writing her fantasies just as I do—and has an imagination that goes places I've been hesitant to explore. Themes of domination, spanking and name-calling have always seemed like male fetishes to me—fetishes that I don't particularly indulge in—but the author has shown me that women can be just as turned on by them as men can. This shouldn't surprise me. I consider myself a fairly open-minded and progressive person with an understanding of sexual liberation, and yet here I am, kinda surprise by what I read. Of course that didn't make it any less arousing.

The idea of sharing a woman with another man—or men—is one of my fantasies as well and it's nice to be able to connect with the author in this way. It makes me feel less alone and less weird about my own sexuality and reminds me that we all have our naughty desires and that it's okay. And there's no safer way to explore them than to do so in prose.

The story is also available on Smashwords and it's affiliates.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Taking a break...

Writing erotica is like scratching an itch for me. I get an idea for a scenario or scenarios and I start to fantasize about it or them. Writing it all down gets it out of my system and I no longer dwell on it, I move on. Preferably to non-erotica projects.

My last novella, "Virtual Encounters," felt a little incomplete so I decided to write a sort-of-sequel to it. I say sort of because this "sequel" takes place concurrently with the closing of the last chapter (before the epilogue) of the original story. Basically, reference is made to a couple of encounters that Craig and Veronica have before they sell their HoloGen system. This sequel, "Virtual Encounter with Billy" is about those encounters. I suppose I could have just added another chapter or three to the original document but I do enjoy making book covers.

Anyway, I've gotten one more story out of my system and, for now, I don't have any other fantasies that I'm entertaining. I'm in a good place and I'll be trying to focus my energy on other stories that I'll develop and distribute under my given name. The Stephen Olander pseudonym is going to take a break.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Curves ahead

I don't go into too many details when it comes to physically describing my characters. Part of the reason is because I think that no matter how I describe them, my readers are going to picture them in their minds in their own way anyhow. So I offer limited descriptions of hair and eye color and emphasize the use of words like, "Fit," "Athletic," "Muscular," "Voluptuous" and, of course, "Curvaceous." Though I do occasionally offer a cup-size when describing a female character's breasts.

I do love a woman with curves. The classic hourglass figure will always get my attention and many of my female characters are described that way with curves that don't quit. One notable exception was the character of Valerie in "Submitting to Angie" who I described as athletic and somewhat small-breasted but still a very sexy woman. The reason I described her the way I did is because she's based on a person that I really knew who looked that way.

Of course, only a handful of my characters are inspired by real people, most are just figments of my imagination. Though Christy in "Camping with Christy" was inspired by a real person, the character ultimately took on characteristics that were unique to the fictional character that I created and she wound up not really resembling, in my mind at least, the woman that inspired her.

My main male characters are usually "fit" and perhaps muscularly "defined" but their male lovers are usually described as "pretty boys" and sometimes "twinks" with an air of femininity about them since why else would an otherwise straight male character sleep with another man if not for the fact that he was pretty? Well, in the case of Greg and Alan, you've got two guys approaching middle age on fairly equal footing physically. Then there's the case of the simulant characters of Billy (a pretty boy) and Hank (a masculine, muscular specimen) in "Virtual Encounters" who will be revisited in another story.