Monday, May 20, 2013

Dominance and Submission

I've never had a D/s experience and I honestly don't know that much about the dynamics involved but that didn't stop me from exploring the topic somewhat in my new novella, "Submitting to Angie."

For me, the appeal of a D/s relationship or experience is being on the submissive side. To me it seems that being submissive and just doing what I'm told would, in my mind anyway, absolve me of any responsibility for what I did. I'd just be following orders. This is especially the case where my bicuriosity comes into play. Throwing another man into the D/s experience and being told to go down on him or have sex with him wouldn't be "gay" or "wrong" because as the submissive, it's my job to do as I'm told. The idea of turning on my dominant partner(s) through my submission and following orders would also be a plus.

"Submitting to Angie" actually has a semiautobiographical element to it in the relationship between Justin and Valarie. Drawing on my own experiences of losing my virginity, the first time I tried anal sex and snowballing. It was an interesting experience to relive these moments in prose and I hope my readers enjoy it, as well as the fantasy tangent the book goes into with the encounters with Angie and Tony (who are loosely based on a couple of friends of my Valerie).

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Review Response

I got my first review on Amazon recently in response to a request for my novel "Kendra."

It was titled "Sorry, not what I would call erotica" but the reviewer still gave the book three out of five stars so I guess I can't complain too much. The reviewer gave her reasoning for the title by saying, " me the difference between erotica and porn is that erotica has character development and a much more substantial storyline and plot. Unfortunately, Kendra has none of this. The book is simply sex..."

Most of the "story" and character development is in the first part of the novel, originally published as "Kendra: The Business Trip."

I've said before that I have no illusions about my erotic writing. And, of course my writing is simply sex; my erotica consists of my sexual fantasies so the story/character elements are little more than filler to put the sex scenes together. I'm okay with that.

I did find this comment from the reviewer interesting: " read as if a testosterone-fueled teenager had written it." Well, it was a testosterone-fueled adult but that's okay.

The reviewer also said, "If the reader is looking for something to browse while getting their rocks off, well, then this will probably be just the thing." 
I can't complain about that.

I've been told I write sexy erotica and I guess that's what a lot of erotica readers look for. This particular reviewer is more about the story, which is fine. Maybe they would prefer "James & Ellen: Together at Last."

Friday, May 17, 2013

Special Delivery (Review)

I love a strong woman who takes charge and that's exactly what Silky Phelan delivers with Gemma in her erotic short story, "Special Delivery."

Silky's descriptions really capture the senses and the way her main character Gemma takes charge of her men is a real turn-on. She made me want to surrender to Gemma myself and let her do with me as she pleased, handcuffs, blind-folds and all.

While the story is very sexy and the detail delectable, these aren't two-dimensional characters. There is depth to Gemma and her lover Jeremy and real conflict that the characters are dealing with. While the plot smacks of classic porn scenarios (the hot delivery-man with a package), the execution is erotic, intense and elicits empathy in the reader.

For $0.99 this hot story is a steal and worth every penny.

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Friday, May 10, 2013


I've said before that I'm under no illusions about the kind of erotica I write. It's very sexy erotica because these stories are my erotic fantasies. Here's a bit of a meta-reference from my latest work-in-progress:

"It was a Saturday evening and the closing credits to a movie the four friends were watching in Angie’s living room had started to roll. The movie was typical premium cable soft core porn. A silly plot stringing together a bunch of sex scenes with the main character portrayed by a busty brunette. Despite the corny jokes and giant plot holes, the sex scenes were enough to get the friends hot and bothered."