Monday, May 20, 2013

Dominance and Submission

I've never had a D/s experience and I honestly don't know that much about the dynamics involved but that didn't stop me from exploring the topic somewhat in my new novella, "Submitting to Angie."

For me, the appeal of a D/s relationship or experience is being on the submissive side. To me it seems that being submissive and just doing what I'm told would, in my mind anyway, absolve me of any responsibility for what I did. I'd just be following orders. This is especially the case where my bicuriosity comes into play. Throwing another man into the D/s experience and being told to go down on him or have sex with him wouldn't be "gay" or "wrong" because as the submissive, it's my job to do as I'm told. The idea of turning on my dominant partner(s) through my submission and following orders would also be a plus.

"Submitting to Angie" actually has a semiautobiographical element to it in the relationship between Justin and Valarie. Drawing on my own experiences of losing my virginity, the first time I tried anal sex and snowballing. It was an interesting experience to relive these moments in prose and I hope my readers enjoy it, as well as the fantasy tangent the book goes into with the encounters with Angie and Tony (who are loosely based on a couple of friends of my Valerie).

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  1. Mmm . . . I agree with your summation of the appeal of a D/s relationship. As one who has only really briefly played a few times in a submissive role, I do . . . and have . . . found it arousing and "different" in an exciting sort of way. But you must have complete trust in your partner, and know that they will always let you say "no" if you really mean "no". (And, of course, I've always had Hubby present, as my sort-of security blanket). But certainly can add an extra-dimension to your emotions.