Monday, July 29, 2013

Dirty vs. Really Dirty

A friend of mine read one of my stories recently and told me that the language wasn't very dirty. This surprised me. I thought it was very dirty. When I asked her for examples, she said that the characters could have called each other names.

I've never been too fond of name-calling. It seems mean to me.

My friend said that if the other person wants it, then it isn't mean.

True enough.

There are a couple moments here and there in my writing where one character might refer to herself as "a slut" or a dominating character will call their submissive a "bitch" but it isn't very pervasive.

I suppose it's possible I could write a story with a little more dirt in my dirty-talk. We shall see. :)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Finding Someone

I'm a single man living in a somewhat conservative community. I'd like to get married someday. Hopefully sooner rather than later as I'm already approaching middle age. I guess I'm worried that I won't be able to find someone who will accept the fact that I've written erotic fiction or that my erotica writing is basically an outlet for my sexual fantasies.

I'm certainly not the only erotica author who writes under a pseudonym. I've talked with other writers who live in communities similar to my own and it's very important that they keep their writing identities a secret. But I'm not one to keep secrets. At least not to the people that I care about. There are only a handful of friends of mine who are aware of my erotica writing and I want to be able to share it with someone that I love too. Not just the fact that I've written erotica but I hope that I'll be able to share it with her as well.

I think it's important that couples are open with each other about their sexuality, their fantasies and fetishes and I kinda like the idea of being able to say, "Hey, if you want to know what my fantasies are like, just read my blog and my erotica. It's all there."

As I date, I have to gauge who I think would be able to accept my erotica writing. This isn't easy. I don't come right out and say it, of course, but as I get to know different women, I can certainly figure out early on who might have a problem with it. I keep hoping that I'll find someone who not only won't have a problem with it but would be open to reading it and also sharing with me their own sexual fantasies in a fun and healthy way.

Sometimes I think that because of my erotica writing, I may have inadvertently isolated myself; adding a layer to my own persona that some women just won't be able to get past. But, then I consider the fact that as a storyteller and someone with a healthy sexual appetite and fantasy life, who wants to share said fantasies with the one I love, the only difference between me and anybody else is that I've written my fantasies down... okay, I sell them for others to enjoy as well. I suppose some women might have a problem with that too.

I really hope I find the one who'll just accept me... and soon.