Friday, May 17, 2013

Special Delivery (Review)

I love a strong woman who takes charge and that's exactly what Silky Phelan delivers with Gemma in her erotic short story, "Special Delivery."

Silky's descriptions really capture the senses and the way her main character Gemma takes charge of her men is a real turn-on. She made me want to surrender to Gemma myself and let her do with me as she pleased, handcuffs, blind-folds and all.

While the story is very sexy and the detail delectable, these aren't two-dimensional characters. There is depth to Gemma and her lover Jeremy and real conflict that the characters are dealing with. While the plot smacks of classic porn scenarios (the hot delivery-man with a package), the execution is erotic, intense and elicits empathy in the reader.

For $0.99 this hot story is a steal and worth every penny.

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