Monday, November 11, 2013

Taking a break...

Writing erotica is like scratching an itch for me. I get an idea for a scenario or scenarios and I start to fantasize about it or them. Writing it all down gets it out of my system and I no longer dwell on it, I move on. Preferably to non-erotica projects.

My last novella, "Virtual Encounters," felt a little incomplete so I decided to write a sort-of-sequel to it. I say sort of because this "sequel" takes place concurrently with the closing of the last chapter (before the epilogue) of the original story. Basically, reference is made to a couple of encounters that Craig and Veronica have before they sell their HoloGen system. This sequel, "Virtual Encounter with Billy" is about those encounters. I suppose I could have just added another chapter or three to the original document but I do enjoy making book covers.

Anyway, I've gotten one more story out of my system and, for now, I don't have any other fantasies that I'm entertaining. I'm in a good place and I'll be trying to focus my energy on other stories that I'll develop and distribute under my given name. The Stephen Olander pseudonym is going to take a break.

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