Friday, November 15, 2013

Friends Share (Review)

I just finished reading a very hot story called "Friends Share" by Autumn Seave.

As the title suggests, this is a story about four friends sharing a girl and it's written from the girl's point of view. She's in a committed relationship with Sean and they love each other very much to the point of going to extra lengths to fulfill each other's sexual fantasies. Passing reference is made to experiments with domination involving a professional dominatrix and group sex with some girlfriends. But "Friends Share" is all about fulfilling the girl's ultimate fantasy of being with a group of men.

I loved that this story was written by a woman who's committed to writing her fantasies just as I do—and has an imagination that goes places I've been hesitant to explore. Themes of domination, spanking and name-calling have always seemed like male fetishes to me—fetishes that I don't particularly indulge in—but the author has shown me that women can be just as turned on by them as men can. This shouldn't surprise me. I consider myself a fairly open-minded and progressive person with an understanding of sexual liberation, and yet here I am, kinda surprise by what I read. Of course that didn't make it any less arousing.

The idea of sharing a woman with another man—or men—is one of my fantasies as well and it's nice to be able to connect with the author in this way. It makes me feel less alone and less weird about my own sexuality and reminds me that we all have our naughty desires and that it's okay. And there's no safer way to explore them than to do so in prose.

The story is also available on Smashwords and it's affiliates.

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