Monday, November 26, 2012


Transexuals have always fascinated me. Even before I knew they actually existed, I fantasized about them. Seriously. I remember as a little boy, when all it took to turn me on was to think of a naked women (this was before I understood the mechanics of sex), imagining a beautiful woman with a penis. It was unusual and exciting and, of course, a deep dark secret.

I don't recall when I learned that transexuals were a real phenomenon. Though I do remember watching a documentary on HBO in which the audience is introduced to a couple of lovely naked blond women making out in a hot tub and after a few minutes, they both step out to reveal that they have very impressive looking cocks. These transwomen were interviewed and spoke about how whenever they've dated straight guys one of the things the guys want to do first is to go down on them. They said something to the effect that these men didn't think it made them gay because "it's a girl's dick." I incorporated this logic into my novella "Crossing New Horizons."

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