Thursday, April 11, 2013

His Southern Temptation (Review)

I'm not a regular reader of romance novels—I think the last one I read was "The Bridges of Maddison County"—but Robin Covington's latest novel, "His Southern Temptation" (Book 2 in her series "The Boys are Back in Town" from Entangled Publishing) just swept me off my feet. It's said that a surefire way to identify good writing is if you really care about the characters. Well I not only cared about these characters, I found myself falling in love with them.

Lucky, our handsome hero, is in love with Taylor, his on-again-off-again lover and a beauty that likes to keep her distance and her options open. Their chemistry is delectable and Covington's descriptions of their lovemaking made me feel as if I was the lucky one.

That Lucky is the one pining for Taylor and not the other way around, is something I didn't expect and yet I could totally relate to. I found myself rooting for these two to get together from the start and while their hookups are very satisfying—to both the characters and the reader—I wanted to see the romance blossom and the two make a life together.

Of course just as I'm really getting into the emotions of their relationship, Covington ups the ante with danger and suspense. Remember, I love these characters now, to put them in any kind of trouble is going to make me not want to put the book down until I know that they're okay and can live happily ever after.

Thank you, Robin, for taking me on this romantic adventure and creating Lucky and Taylor, two characters that I truly adore.

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