Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Modesty Diaries Pt 1 - The Journey (Review)

Have you ever read someone's diary?

I'm not suggesting that you go rummaging through anyone's personal belongings in search of their diary so you can peruse it in the hopes of finding something juicy about their personal life. Thanks to Katie Ellison, you don't have to.

I had the opportunity to read Katie's diary recently and I didn't need to sneak around to do it. She had taken the liberty of publishing it for all to read.

The Modesty Diaries Pt 1 - The Journey, isn't your typical erotic fair but it is a fascinating read. Written in the first person, as expected, the style has an almost stream-of-consciousness feel to it. The dialogue is fragmented within the descriptions but I didn't find it distracting at all from the flow of her storytelling. It simply reminded me that this is not a typical narrative read but a peak inside the mind of the author.

As a man, reading the words—thoughts!—of a woman, I found it especially enlightening. Compared to other erotic stories that I've read where all characters involved are totally confident and assertive in what they want and the sex is practically choreographed ahead of time, Katie's perspective offers a refreshing reminder that real human interaction has its moments of uncertainty, restraint and even a little fear. There is a vulnerability to her "character" that everyone can genuinely relate to yet at the same time she is confident, assertive, knows what she wants and goes after it despite some misgivings and apprehension. That twinge of doubt and uncertainty makes her experiences that much more exciting.

The sex scenes are descriptive without being too hardcore and, again, reveal the character's vulnerability and quirks that we can all relate to. A bit of conflict occurs here and there between her and her partners in choosing what they do, giving the scenes a much more realistic feel, a welcome departure from the A-B-C descriptions of erotic encounters I've read elsewhere.

I really enjoyed her descriptions of sexual climax, especially those of her lovers. I won't spoil the descriptions here but suffice it to say it appealed to my appreciation for characters that aren't afraid of bodily fluids.

I found her choice to replace names of people with single letters to be interesting but a little distracting. I suppose she could just as easily have made up new names for her lovers but, again, it reminded me that I'm not reading a story, I'm reading a diary. These events aren't just from her imagination, they actually happened.

I'm grateful for Katie for allowing me to peak inside her mind and her lifestyle and highly recommend her first foray into erotica.

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