Thursday, March 21, 2013


I mentioned before that I used to engage in online roleplaying. Specifically sexual role play, aka "cyber sex."

Since I was essentially writing a story on the fly with my partners, this was the start of my erotica writing career. Some of my stories were inspired by role playing sessions, or even picked up where some left off.

I have played several different characters in my role playing sessions. Men, women and transwomen of varying ages and descriptions. Then I found a very interesting web site called F-list that provides an online chat space and the ability to create character profiles for one's avatars.

Even Stephen Olander is an avatar. My erotica writing persona. Here's the profile I created for him:

I also created a female avatar named Valarie who has a few different avatars of her own that she "plays" including a sexy alien and a "shemale" vampire.

It's particularly fun as a man, playing Valarie, pretending to be a boy or a transexual.

Some of my role playing included age play, which for various reasons can't be included in my erotica writing for publication purposes.

Perhaps someday I will write some erotic stories involving these other characters that I've created such as:

I've also always felt, since I first found this site, that it would be a good place for couples to go and share their various kinks with each other.

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