Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Come again... and again

Porn is all about the money shot. Coitus interruptus following by a man aiming his ejaculate at the face or breasts of his partner(s). In erotica, one can simply describe coming inside someone, the visuals in the readers' minds can be much more detailed than what can be caught on camera.

In my erotica writing, I've written plenty of money shots. Why? Because, frankly, I think they're hot. But my male characters go places that most in porn do not. I love it when my male protagonists come on a woman's breasts and then lean in to lick her clean. I'm also a big fan of snowballing, the act of ejaculating into the mouth of your partner, then kissing them and sharing the semen.

It seems most guys treat their own come like it's toxic waste and yet they expect their female partners to act like porn stars, eagerly lapping it up and spreading it on their faces and bodies. My philosophy is that a guy shouldn't expect his lady to do anything that he isn't willing to do himself and that includes eating his own come and I think it's incredibly sexy to lap it up off of your lover's body.

I know what you're thinking: "Have you done it?"

My answer: Yes, I have. And I love doing it. I remember the first time I did it. I pulled out of my lover when I came and ejaculated onto her belly. I then leaned down and licked it off of her.

"You are so kinky!" she said with delight.

Another night when we were in the throws of passion, she said to me, "I want you to come in my mouth."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes. I've never wanted to do that before."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes... how do you feel about snowballing?"

When I felt myself about to orgasm, I pulled out of her and straddled her body. I thought I would just come on her breasts but she moved in and took my cock into her mouth just as I started to ejaculate. When she pulled off of me, I kissed her and she spit my come back into my mouth. I didn't mind the taste at all and was really turned on by the experience.

I don't know why it is most guys are turned off by this. Where is the romance in saying, "I'll go get you a towel."? Semen is just another bodily fluid. How many times have you cut your finger and put the bleeding apendage into your mouth? I'd say most people know what their own blood tastes like, why not know what their own come tastes like?


  1. Steve, I don't read true erotica, in th sense that my virtual bookshelves are full of the more "literary" type of "romance" that is definitely tilted to the mainstream.

    That being said, your kind of blunt sexual fantasies—coupled with the tang of truth—are very stimulating to read. I think you've tapped in to something important: a male erotica viewpoint that both men AND women can be turned on by. I wish you huge success!