Saturday, March 16, 2013

How I Got Started

I was recently asked by a friend how and why I started writing erotica.

Well, I used to participate in online sexual roleplaying and anyone who's worth their salt in the games of online sex knows how difficult it is to find a compatible partner or to get the story of the roleplay to go where you want it to. There's always the need to compromise and sometimes double back in the middle of a scenario. I've been lucky enough to have had one partner who liked to outline a story with me. We would have a general idea of where our playtime would take us and then we would write the most elaborate and descriptive scenarios.

Unfortunately, we weren't always able to get together to play and trying to find other partners proved to be very disappointing. But one thing that I always took note of whenever I roleplayed with someone was the recurring complement that I was a really good writer and very descriptive in my roleplaying.

So, one day, I decided, "To hell with finding partners. I'm just going to write out my sexual fantasies and take the stories where I want them to go."

I started by publishing my work for free on Literotica then, after meeting a friend who had her own erotica published, I took the next step and self-published some of my own work.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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