Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Force of Circumstance (Review)

I was given the opportunity to read another story by the author Polecat. Described as a "dark erotic tragedy," "The Force of Circumstance" is a story about Paul, a young engineer who arrives in Thailand for work ahead of his fiance, and Lana the girl that he "buys" to take care of his house.

Yes, the story is about slavery and I'm glad that the character of Paul felt conflicted about his purchase and yet he proceeds to take advantage of the girl anyway, though it is consensual. I guess you could say that I felt conflicted about reading this story since I am bothered by the practice of human trafficking and have a hard time seeing it as an erotic topic.

Lana's story is a sad one and the ending was unexpected and a little confusing. The sex scenes were sensual and descriptive but the context in which they were presented made it difficult for me to enjoy them. Again, the slavery thing just bothered me.

I'm not going to say that I wouldn't recommend this story because I'm sure there is an audience that would appreciate it. It just isn't me.

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